El Cafecito Travel Talks

#20 Fears of Travel

August 16, 2020 Tony Lloyd Episode 20
El Cafecito Travel Talks
#20 Fears of Travel
Show Notes

Trevor Cheatham, an American TCK  who was brought up living in various countries and cultures uses fear as part of his motivation to journey to new destinations.

Trevor shares with us some of the fears people have before and while travelling, different ways of overcoming them. Finally how fear can be converted into a motivator for travel 

Fears of Travel (facebook story): by Trevor Cheatham  https://www.facebook.com/notes/el-cafecito-restaurant-bar-hostel/fears-of-travel/2494254870801324/

Guest: Trevor Cheatham email: trevorjcheatham@gmail.com

Host: Tony Lloyd

Editor: Tony LLoyd

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