El Cafecito Travel Talks

#38 Travel Bromance

December 16, 2020 Tony Lloyd Episode 38
El Cafecito Travel Talks
#38 Travel Bromance
Show Notes

Nicolas Pollock from Australia and Daniel Rubner from Germany headed off on individual solo adventures and as destiny would have it they find each other and discover a Travel Bromance.

Nicolas and Daniel share with us how they met, the fun they had travelling together and how they’ll continue being friends for a lifetime.

Their word of advice to us is through solo travelling you discover more and allow yourself to create new Lasting relationships. Also not to over plan and go with the flow and allow destiny to play its part.


Guests: Nicolas Pollock and Daniel Rubner       

Nicholas.pollock@me.com     Insta: nicolasvamos

Danielrubner@live.de    Insta: der_runner

 Host: Tony Lloyd

Editor: Tony Lloyd

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